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Frequently asked questions

Once payment is made, you will be required to present us your brand colour, logo, brief information about your company such as Vision, Mission and Values. These items will be used in customizing your elearning site.

Your company’s elearning site comes with 10 pre-loaded courses. These courses are different from the new courses to be uploaded on your site monthly. Number of new courses is dependent on the plan you subscribed to.

We will present 3 courses to you before the end of a month for you to decide your favorite. Your selected course(s) will be uploaded to your site in the new month

Subscription is due at the end of every subscription period in order to continue enjoying the platform

The advantages are enormous. The average cost for designing a top notch elearning platform will be 240,000 Naira. The average cost for designing a rich and meaningful SCORM compliant course goes for an average of 120,000. An average of 100,000 Naira is paid to have a staff attend a course. The cost for maintaining a platform and likely overhead will be an average of 640,000 annually.

In comparison with what YES (YourElearningSite) is offering, it is value adding to subscribe to our service. We will take the recurrent expense away from you while also enjoying consistency of course uploads and platform uptime. Our team of professionals both from technical support and content authoring possesses relevant experience to deliver our promise.

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