Shiprocket Logistics

We are the ultimate logistics partner across the whole of Africa and the middle East. Our job is to facilitated the timely and effective delivery of cargos

Since 1980


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This is both the front-end & back-end of our core business. Planing and scheduling logistics operations across regions. Courses here are core logistics and supply chain management

Business Development and Account Management. Courses here are focused on all functions within our business that is concerned with new accounts and existing accounts

Functions that provides support to all aspects of the business. This functions keeps the daya-to-day operations going. Courses here are plotted to all functions segmented under Operations

These are relevant leadership courses for all leaders and aspiring leaders within our company

Courses categorized here are essential and important for all staff of Shiprocket.

For our new hires, everything that is required to get them started has been provided under this classification.

Latest Course

Schedulling and Planning: Advanced Class