The practical use of upskilling is tremendous, as it helps organizations diversify their workforce’s skills and meet challenges that come from external talent markets, digitalization trends, and so on.

What are the top job skills that businesses pursued the most in their employees? In this article, we’ll deep dive into the top skills of the future everyone will need by 2025 and beyond.

1. Digital literacy

A recent study shows that half of the adult population in the Netherlands is proficient in digital literacy. This country is a leader among other European Union countries, where the average percentage of digital literacy skills is 33%.

Digital literacy includes a wide range of competencies: computer problem-solving skills (software and hardware), social media, communication tools, online security and data privacy management, information search skills, and more.

The digital literacy tendency isn’t surprising, considering digitalization across all kinds of industries. According to the “No longer optional: employer demand for digital skills” report, at least 82% of online postings in the UK require basic digital skills. Moreover, the same report indicates the correlation between the level of digital literacy and wages. For example, job roles that required basic digital literacy skills are paid up to 29% higher than job roles that don’t have this requirement.

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