Attention: Business Owners, Founders, Directors, Team Leads, CEOs,& Managers.

Inside this letter, you will discover what to do to grow the competency of your team so you stop missing out on closing more deals and AVOID slow business growth.

Imagine LOSING 6 to 9 Figure Deals To Your Competitors Because Your Team Lacks The Competent Skills To Deliver As Business Representatives.

Dear Business Owner,

Your competitors are up against you…

Just like Coca Cola is up against Pepsi…

…and MTN is up against 9mobile.

You see…

You can only beat them at this game of running a successful business in your industry by having skilled personnel that can help take your business to the next level.

Let’s face it… if you’re the CEO or director reading this now…

You should probably have some members of your team handling vital areas in your business and if they miss out on closing a deal… or deliver poorly because of their incompetence, it will cost you up to millions.

So I ask, how excellent do you expect your staff’s delivery to be?

The answer lies in your hands … which is?

Helping them develop their skill competence so that they can help your business get to the frontline in your industry,

Picture this…

On a scale of 1 to 10… How well can you vouch for your employees or business reps? in terms of …
If you aren’t scoring them in the figure of 9 to 10, then you should give it a second thought because the business world out there is tough… And this might just be the reason you’re losing deals worth millions of Naira yearly. Despite that, you have bills to pay, and you still have to pay their salaries… Even when they aren’t delivering as expected.

So here’s the point…

If you have your way to help remedy the situation…won’t you do something about it?

Because an injury to one is an injury to all… that is… an injury to your company.

And if your business collapses … You stand to lose all you’ve worked to develop this far, only because you lack the competent hands to grow your business.

The only way to go about this is to take prompt action as other businesses do.

So you can up the game of your team and be confident in them helping you to close 6 to 9 figure deals.

So we want to introduce you to…

Your Elearning Site For Businesses / Organizations

You Might Be Thinking

Okay. I want you to come closer and picture this…

They’d steal your ideas and use them to help your competitor and worse still they are now a plus to your competitor because they have the experience and other great qualifications you saw before employing them.

So you see…

You have more to lose than you can imagine if you refuse to help develop your team with the required soft skills they need.

Now the point is….

If you want to…
Then you’ve to equip your employees with the necessary corporate soft skills to deliver.

The question is… Are Your Employees Skilled Enough To Deliver The Above?

If NO… then I want you to take on this offer to help train a good number of your employees and get them certified with business soft skills… at an affordable rate.

Here’s how this works…

You have access to train your employees on over 15 soft skills by subscribing to either of the 2 plans below depending on your staff capacity…

Plan 1 (Basic Plus)

Staff capacity
Up to 20 Staffs

Subscription Fee
40k per month… Billed annually
50k per month… Billed monthly

Plan 2 (Premium)

Staff capacity
21 to 100 Staffs

Subscription Fee
80k per month… Billed annually

You can view what other Business Owners have to say…


Training my staff has always been top priority. The subscription to Your E-learning Site (YES) makes it more easier for my business. It is commercially friendly and offers great courses that are useful in the workplace.

Oluwadare A.


Your E-Learning Site (YES) came at the right time for my organisation when we were thinking of how best to manage our resources and also not miss out on the advantages that training our staff affords us as a business.

Damola Ogundele
Project Manager


I will recommend Your E-Learning Site (YES) to any professional out there. It is a great place to upskill yourself the areas of soft skills that are important for workplace relevance.

Phillip Abitogun
IT Support Staff

About The Trainers?

These are outstanding Individuals.

They have worked in organizations and are currently holding top positions and managerial roles.

So they understand where and how to apply these skills in the job and perform great in any organization.

They will help your team position themselves as true professionals.

Some Businesses we’ve helped train their staff are...

To Sweeten the deal…

Here's a 30 Day Gentleman Handshake “Money Back” Guarantee

You have a 30-day money-back guarantee that when your team is taking this course within 30 days and is not okay with the training or teaching methods…

You can ask for your money back, and you’d get a refund.

No argument.

You see… you’ve got nothing to lose.

Click the button below to get access to these in-demand job soft skills for your team.

But I Must Warn You… So you don’t miss out on this.

My team and I are adding more courses constantly and we have plans on creating different accessibility options. This means… We will base the pricing on the number of courses up for grab.

But if you join in today before this happens, you continue to have access to our learning platform based on the current setting.

So the best time to get hold of this is to sign up now like over 107 businesses using the platform… and lock in your access at this subscription fee monthly.

You can click the button below to get a hold of this before there’s an upgrade in the pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at the end of each course, students can download their certificates. So you don’t need to panic even if they are yet to be done with all courses. Each person has access to download the certificate for the course covered.

No. They have access to all the courses on the platform as long as your business subscription is still valid for that month.
Yes, you can pay for one year and we encourage it.
No. We have a pool of Soft Skills already being developed by our instructors. And you are going to love them like over 100s of other businesses ー as these skills are in demand no matter your industry. Also, we add 2 new courses to the number of courses every month.
So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started.

P.S. Employers are always looking for competent hands ー People who can add value to their company.

But here’s the thing… Training an employee who has been with you for years and has mastered your work process is easier than getting a new person to have a fresh start with your work process.

So get started in empowering your team today with modern soft skills and grow your business productivity.