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Welcome to our learning academy. As a staff of Medi-care Pharmacy, it is important that learning is approached with all the seriousness required. Remember we watch over lives!

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Consultation skills

This course is compulsory for Pharmacist on Grade Levels 2 & 3. Course is to be completed within 2 weeks of enrollment

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First aid & cpr

This course is compulsory for all Pharmacists and in-shop Healthcare Assistants. 

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Coaching Skills

This course is compulsory as part of our coaching framework. All staff between grade level M1 and E1 must complete this course.

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Inventory 101

This course is compulsory for all staff within grade levels P1 – P4 in the Supply Chain Department.

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Email Writing

This course is recommended for all staff and will be a bonus for all those who enroll.

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Management Course

This course is compulsory for all staff within the cadre M1 – M3. 

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Rating scale: please remember that % score from the completion of courses forms part of the computation for performance appraisal

company news

Medic-Care has been successfull in securing a new facility for its supply chain activity. This complex is situated in the heart of Lagos and can easily be accessed from the mainland and the island. 

This facility will serve as our collection and warehousing base. It will also provide holding services for our partner pharmacies across the country. State of the art equipment have been installed inside of this facility. We have decided to name this facility after the top performing pharmacy outlet for this year.

The facility has over 14 offices, large goods-in floor, open warehousing floor, refrigerated warehousing space, 1 large kitchenette, relaxation court, library.

The plant comes with advanced RFID system that will help to track products from goods-in to the point of sales to customers.

This facility will be called office for over 100 of our staff. We should be excited as we all have given our best to make this a reality. Remember, we still have great dreams as we care for the life and well-being of our customers.