Inside this page, you will discover the 21st-century skills that can empower you on a journey to become the most sought after employee in any industry or organization.

How To Become The Most Resourceful Employee in Your Organization in 30 Days...with as low as N5,000.

Want to upgrade your soft skills ーbut on a budget? Find out how!

Dear friend,

If you want to remain in your job for years to come, then I have a very important message for you today.

But before I go into that, I want you to come with me for a moment.

Imagine if your boss tells you tomorrow to leave a job position because the company is looking at downsizing the number of staff and needs to keep only the most qualified.

Or maybe the company employs a new staff member who has a good number of soft skills and your boss says to you in a business meeting…

“Let that lady handle the business conversation with our clients while you act as an assistant. She’s more inclined in analytical and negotiation skills.”

Tell me… How would you feel about that?

You know what this means… your position in the company is being threatened, or your skill competence doesn’t create an impact on the job in question.

So let me ask you …would you allow this to continue or you’d do something about it?

If you think it’s important to act on this, then keep reading as I have something to share with you.

You see…back in 2005; I was in this same spot and I needed to do something about it before I am told… My service is no more needed.

My decision to develop my soft skills took my game up to the next level.

And today I am well respected in the jobs and the businesses I handle.

So I want you to avoid making similar mistakes.

But the challenge most employees keep having are….they don’t have the budget to take care of this need.

Therefore, I want to introduce to you…

Your E-Learning Site For Individuals

Therefore, I want you to see yourself being able to become more resourceful to your employer…AND WITH THIS; you have a job you can count on.

One that is guaranteed at the moment to help you feed and take care of your family.

SEE...the reason this e-learning platform is not like other platforms is...

You have access to 15 courses and counting in developing your soft skills…. For a monthly subscription of just N5000.

This is because one challenge employees have is the finance to take up these courses and develop their soft skills.

Now with N5,000 per month… you can get access to at least 15 courses PLUS certification in all.

Let’s weigh the options…

Imagine you go to another e-learning platform to take a single course…that would be worth more than N5,000.

And if you’re to have access to 15 courses…it sums up to N75,000, which is almost the salary of most employees.

But you know what? You can access any/all of these courses all in a monthly subscription of N5,000.

What this means is …with N5,000, you can get access to 15 courses as long as your monthly subscription is on.

Now let’s assume you are so busy in the month of signing in and you’re able to take only 5 courses. That means, you still get a certificate for learning 5 courses.

Now, let’s do the math. N5000 x 5 equals N25,000. This is what it will cost you at least if you are to use other learning options.

You see…With this option, you can save N20,000 from your income and still develop yourself.

So you have nothing to lose.

This is so affordable and achievable because I am confident that you can take over 5 courses in a month if you give it your best shot.

Most of our students do more than this.

So you can upgrade your soft skills.

Now you might be asking... What are the soft skills embedded in this Subscription?

In this learning platform, we’ve been able to get professionals to teach you in-demand soft skills to survive any work environment… or industry. They are…

About The Trainers?

These are outstanding Individuals.

They have worked in organizations and are currently holding top positions and managerial roles.

So they understand where and how to apply these skills in the job and perform great in any organization.

This will help you position yourself as the true professional you are.

To Sweeten the deal…

Here's a 14 Days Gentleman Handshake “Money Back” Guarantee

You have a 14-day money-back guarantee that if you take this course within the first 14 days… and you are not okay with the training or teaching methods…

You can ask for your money back, and you’d get a refund.

No argument.

You see… you’ve got nothing to lose.

Click the button below to get access to this in-demand job soft skills.

You Can hear what some of our students have to say…


Training my staff has always been top priority. The subscription to Your E-learning Site (YES) makes it more easier for my business. It is commercially friendly and offers great courses that are useful in the workplace.

Oluwadare A.


I will recommend Your E-Learning Site (YES) to any professional out there. It is a great place to upskill yourself the areas of soft skills that are important for workplace relevance.

Phillip Abitogun
IT Support Staff

Here's why you need to act now… So you don't miss out on this.

This is because we are constantly adding more courses and we have plans on creating different registration options which means the number of courses up for grab may reduce for this amount or the price will go up to N15,000.

So the best time to get hold of this is to sign up now like most of our students using the platform so you can lock in your access at this subscription fee monthly.

You can click the button below to get a hold of this before there’s an upgrade in the pricing.

See you on the inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at the end of each course, students can download their certificates. So you don’t need to panic even if you are yet to be done with all courses. You still have access to the certification for the ones you’ve done.

No. You have access to all the courses on the platform as long as your subscription(N5000) is still valid for that month. Once the month has ended, you will need to renew your access to the platform with the same fee of N5000.

Yes, you can pay for one year and we encourage it.

No. We have a pool of Soft Skills already being developed by our instructors. And you are going to love them like over 100s of our students ー as these skills are in demand no matter your industry. Also, we add new courses to the number of courses every month.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started.

P.S. Employers are always looking for competent staff ー People who add value to their company. Either they employ competent persons or they train existing staff to meet their taste.

But here’s the good news…An employee with a low income can earn more because you’re resourceful and have in-demand skills. So click the button below and get up to 15 courses to develop your soft skills for a subscription of N5,000 in 30days. You can also renew your subscription.