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Assertiveness Skills

The ability to speak up for oneself, politely and without aggression is one of the unspoken keys to being successful and gaining influence. It will give you a push….

Business Etiquette

Being able to assess your level of self-respect and dignity, to display patience, to say no diplomatically, and to make a positive impression allows you develop ….

Productive Work Habits

The modern work world is full of distractions. Private e-mails, social media, the Internet, and chatty co-workers cut into productivity and prompt procrastination.

Creative Problem Solving Skills

When problems arise at work, employees often panic, feel apprehensive about approaching the problem or pass the problem on to someone else to solve.

Critical Thinking Skills

Executives have repeatedly highlighted critical thinking skills as a sought-after trait in new hires and current employees. From a recent survey, over 70% Managers and ….

Developing Positive Relationships at work

Real-world workplace culture is divisive and can be competitive in a negative way. However, having constructive, positive….


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Our courses are well researched and designed to appeal to all members of staff irrespective of cadre, grade level, and profession. 

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